Welcome to the world of safety,
where your peace of mind is our precedence.

Due to the rapid growth of safety awareness, safety equipment has become an increasingly important aspect contributing to the welfare of corporations and individuals. In order to fulfill the increasing demand for the safety concern of various entities, Obor Safety Sdn Bhd pledge to create a safe environment.

Obor Safety Sdn Bhd officially began its operation on 14th December 2013 offering myriad types of products including safety Vest, Torchlight, Rainwear, Safety Helmet, Gloves, Safety Shoes, Rain Boots, Traffic Cones and etc.

We distinguish ourselves by understanding the fundamental and critical needs of safety protection against any possible physical risks in any possible condition.

Obor Safety Sdn Bhd continues to demonstrate the importance of extended security by providing quality products, in large volumes and customize to your specification and branding if required.

To be the distinctive safety equipment provider with a substantial focus on customer satisfaction and customized requirements.

Provide additional protections to create a safer world around us for a better living and a secure future.

The company image is built around the security and satisfaction of the customer. Obor Safety Sdn Bhd strives to be the safety equipment provider of distinction and excellence while judge its achievement by meeting the needs of the customer beyond expectation.

Our objective is to provide our clientele with a range of safety product selections to fit each unique need.